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How to Choose the Right Accent Chair

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Add a little drama, and extra seating space, in your home. A well-placed accent chair can add a dose of personality — and practicality — in a living area. By placing a colorful, comfy chair near a window and adding a lamp and side table, you can create an instantly stylish reading space. The Pacific accent chair is an excellent example.

Whether you’re looking to make a style statement, create a conversation space or add a relaxing reading nook in your home, accent chairs can be the perfect solution. They allow you to express your personal style and add charm to any room. Accent chairs can bring new touches of color, texture and shape, and they are versatile enough to be used in your living room, bedroom, home office or other seating or living areas.

Define your style and space — Accent chairs come in a variety of styles. First, consider whether you prefer a more traditional, or a sleek, contemporary look. The style of your home and how you want to use the space in which you’ll be incorporating your accent chair are important. To add a bit of sophistication to the room and showcase your unique personality, a chaise lounge can be a beautiful and versatile complement to your home furnishings. If you prefer comfort, an oversize accent chair provides a cozy place to curl up at the end of the day to read a book or watch television. In terms of color, it’s often wise to choose something that could work in more than one room so that you can switch things up later if you desire.

Consider use — Think about how you’ll use your chair — and who will be using it. Are you looking for something comfortable in which to relax and read your Kindle, or do you prefer a unique statement piece? Accent chairs in recreation and living areas are likely to be used frequently, so durable, yet comfortable and stylish leather chairs could be a perfect fit. Chairs situated in hallways or bedrooms can be chosen more for their style, so a hand-crafted wood or antique chair might be a good choice. To use your accent chairs as extra seating in the dining room, select firm, sturdy chairs that are the correct height (usually with a seat 16 to 18 inches high).

Placement is key — Creating a sense of ambiance in a room is important. Your new accent chair should make the room look more inviting — not cluttered. In a bedroom, an accent chair can provide the perfect sitting area. Or, placing a chair next to a window with a small table and lamp creates a cozy reading nook. Comfortable chairs that recline or pair with an ottoman are great for low-traffic areas. It’s also important to ensure traffic can navigate comfortably around whoever is seated.

The size factor — Scale is one of the most important considerations when purchasing furniture. For any room, the size of the chair should be in proportion to the space so the room doesn’t diminish it, or vice versa. Make sure the height of the seat is in balance with other seating in the room. For tall guests, avoid chairs that are too low to the ground; for petite guests, avoid chairs with a deep seat length.

It’s important to consider the number of chairs you need for your space. If your goal is to create a conversation space, you’ll need at least two chairs, but if you are simply looking for a statement piece, choose a single, unique chair that reflects the personality of your home. Two accent chairs can replace a loveseat or flank an occasional table and create an area that is both stylish and functional. Another idea is to try placing a chair on either side of your fireplace.

Accent chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some feature distinct curves to give your room a distinguished appeal. Others have more traditional lines, or a sleek, modern look. But no matter which you choose, you want your new accent chair to look great and provide maximum comfort for you and your guests!

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