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you are able to choose from over 1,000 different colors and fabrics along with adding power TO MOST SOFAS, LOVESEATS, & Recliners. sectionals offer many different configurations than what is shown.

A time-honored classic recliner, the DP9256169 is part of the Rock in Style collection introduced by Comfort Living. That means not only is it artfully aesthetically composed but it is built around an innovative new mechanism that allows it to ROCK! An unexpected bonus feature is that it not only allows you to rock in a sitting position but even when fully reclined. Energex premium polyfoam is used in the seat cushion and provides a wonderfully soft initial sit as well as proper support for hours of blissful use. Just a soft nudge on the upholstered doll head arm trimmed with a round welt will get you going. Other upholstery treatments include a boxed seat cushion and an exquisite layered wing back treatment with barrel shaping.

CL DP9256169


    See Store For Details

    See Store For Details

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