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Relaxing Spot After A Long Day’s Work.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

While recliners have been around for over a half-centry, the styles and functionality have changed immensely in the past decade. In a household with more than one decision maker, typically someone is looking for comfort when it comes to buying a recliner. They would prefer to sacrifice the “look” of the item in order to enjoy the relaxation of a full-layout that a recliner can provide. The other may be looking for an accent piece that ties together their existing décor and still offers a place to sit. If it’s comfortable, that is a bonus!

Now everyone can be satisfied with the design of fashionable recliners. Recliners have worked to modernize the traditional recliner to the point where it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between a recliner and chair. Consider it the best of both worlds! Recliners are carefully crafted for comfort and style.

If you’re looking for an accent chair style, start with our selection of High-Leg recliners. These styles will be set off the floor using solid hardwood legs, usually available in a variety of finishes. High-Leg recliners come with a Power or Manual option. Power allows you to recline, and stop in any position (and hold that position) using touch buttons on the side, or a hand wand. A select few of the Power High-Leg recliners even offer a power head-tilt option. With the non-power or Manual option, you recline by pushing back on the arms of the recliner.

Other stylish recliner options appear as club chairs. These function more like a traditional recliner utilizing an inside handle and gravity activated mechanism. The reclining function is smooth and easy. These recliners may also have the Power recline option as well, that utilizes a hand wand. They are available in a variety of base options that include Rocker, Swivel Glider, and Space Saver. Typically, the size is a bit smaller making them ideal in any part of the living room, as well as nurseries, bedrooms or dens.

From traditional to contemporary, and with over 700 fabrics and leathers to choose from, you’ll be able to satisfy the tastes of the designer in the home, and also suit the needs of the person who wants a relaxing spot after a long day’s work.

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